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Keeping Your Data Secure: 101 Tips You Must Know - OUT NOW!

Keeping Your Data Secure II: The Human Factor

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Keeping Your Data Secure:

101 Tips You Must Know- OUT NOW!

ISBN: 978-0-9568165-0-4, Paperback, RRP £13.99/$24.99, Author: Stephen Gibbs

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Rated 5 Stars out of 5 by InfoSecReviews.com!

Published in April 2011, 'Keeping Your Data Secure: 101 Tips You Must Know' will be useful to anyone who has an interest in or a responsibility for specifying, buying, setting up or using computers, especially networked computers.

It’s aimed particularly at those who work for smaller organisations, for example new businesses, clubs, charities and schools amongst others. Typically these organisations don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated IT team, so “looking after the computers” becomes yet another hat someone wears. The inevitable gaps in the knowledge of such a person can cause big problems for their organisation. This book aims to plug many of those gaps.

Having said that, however, people whose job title includes “IT” or who work for larger organisations are still likely to find much of the information in this book useful.


First comes the Introduction. You can read it here (PDF Reader required)

Part 1 has tips related to the Security of the Computers in your organisation (including any servers you might have), such as up to date antivirus, up to date software, up to date security patches and so on. If you don’t have a dedicated IT support team in your organisation then you need to make sure that someone is looking after these things for you – they won’t look after themselves. And leaving such a crucial support function to a well-meaning but untrained part-timer (like the CEO’s 13-year-old son – and don’t laugh, it happens!) is a recipe for problems.

Part 2 covers the specific vulnerabilities introduced by Computer Networking, and how to reduce your organisation’s exposure to risks in that area. The same cautionary note applies to this part as applies to Part 1: you need someone looking after these things for you – they won’t look after themselves.

Part 3 looks at Backing Up your organisation’s data, a big and important topic in its own right.

Part 4 covers topics related to Managing your Users. “But I don’t manage anyone” we hear you cry. Wrong. If you’re even vaguely in charge of the IT in your organisation then the tips in this section apply to you.

Part 5 contains useful Resources, including links to relevant items on the Internet. Many of these resources relate to specific tips in Parts 1 to 4, while others are of more general interest. All of the content in Part 5 will also be available on this website after publication, plus the book's website will have other material such as screenshots and how-to’s that couldn’t easily fit into the book. 

Part 6 is a comprehensive Glossary of common computing terms and acronyms. All of the terms that might be unfamiliar to the people this book is aimed at are properly explained, not just with a simple word or two but a more detailed explanation where it might be helpful. So, this section could be used as a primer on many computing topics.

Next comes the Index.

Finally, at the back of the book there is a Checklist of all 101 Tips from Parts 1 to 4, so that you can see at a glance which items still need your attention. By working through the checklist you will have gone a long way towards making your organisation and its information – and your career! – more secure. You will also be able to download a copy of the checklist from this book's website.

About the author

'Keeping Your Data Secure: 101 Tips You Must Know' has been written by Stephen Gibbs, who has nearly 20 years experience as Head of the IT function in various organisations. He is a qualified teacher, has held Microsoft and Novell networking qualifications, a Microsoft MCT (Trainer) rating, and an MBA. He has taught IT in colleges in the UK, and was Head of IT at Lampeter University in Wales for 8 years before setting up his own IT Consultancy, Harvest Agencies Ltd. He is a member of the British Computer Society.

Keeping Your Data Secure II: The Human Factor

ISBN: 978-0-9568165-1-1, Paperback, RRP £13.99/$24.99, Author: Stephen Gibbs

Due for publication in late 2011, 'Keeping Your Data Secure II: The Human Factor' begins where the previous title left off.

In the workplace, sensitive data that leaks out, whether by accident or design, can cost the organisation that leaked it millions of dollars to deal with. And sometimes the damage is simply too great to rectify – you can’t always put the genie back in the bottle. It can mean negative publicity, lost sales, a catastrophic drop in stock price, lost careers and even the closure of a business. All of which is bad news, for the organisation and for everyone who works there.

The statistics speak for themselves. The vast majority of data loss incidents could have been avoided if only the people involved had been made aware of the risks – and acted on that awareness. So, this book will explain to you what these threats are, and how to avoid them.

You can read a sample chapter here (PDF Reader required)